8 Best CRM for Lawyers in 2023

Getting the best CRM software for your law firm depends on your unique needs and preferences. While some persons prefer budget-friendly CRM, others prefer a client-focused CRM.

Nevertheless, in whatever category you belong, we have curated the best CRM software for law firms to solve your immediate business needs.

So, What is a CRM?

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. As the name implies, CRM software is a system that enhances customer relationships through automation and workflows.

It helps law firms automate lead generation, manage appointments, schedule meetings, create workflows that save time, and many more.

When done right, a CRM system can be an extremely powerful tool for an attorney. Whether it is affordable or expensive CRM software, it doesn’t matter. How best an attorney can use it to scale their business is what matters most.

Best CRM for Lawyers

1. Zoho CRM —(Best Overall)

Zoho CRM is a fusion of A.I. and innovation. It’s an end-to-end, fully customizable CRM solution for law firms. It is a cloud-based legal practice management solution that lets you manage your law firm securely from anywhere.

With Zoho CRM, you can access and manage your work in one central system – with matters, contacts, billing, payments, and everything you need in one place.

Manage every stage of the client journey, convert more prospects, and get instant visibility into your firm’s financial performance just with Zoho CRM.

2. Thryv CRM– (Best for growing online presence)

Thryv is a cloud-based marketing and CRM software solution designed for small law firms to help them manage client interactions. It is the only platform that can boost your online presence and streamline your payment processing.

With Thryv, you can load and lock consistent information across the top business listings sites online, including Google, Facebook and more, to improve search engine optimization and get found easily. Thryv also handles online reputation management so Law Firms can view and manage online ratings and reviews responding to feedback.

3. Pipedrive CRM– (Extra-featured CRM)

Pipedrive CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management solution geared towards simplifying and streamlining the legal process. Used by over 150,000 Law Firms globally, Pipedrive stands as one of the most preferred CRM law firms and attorneys globally. It empowers attorneys to automate repetitive tasks, gain deeper insights into their clients, manage leads, and delight their clients.

Pipedrive CRM has an extra feature that makes your invisible network visible to clients and lets you see the outcome of each connection you make.

4. HubSpot CRM– (perfect for nurturing leads)

Hubspot CRM gives Law Firms the means to process and analyze client information, extract relations from disparate data items to reveal insights, generate sales funnels, and implement loyalty campaigns. Its unique nature is that It focuses on nurturing leads and with this, you can convert your website visitors into leads and nurture them as clients. It is best for in-person training. Any head of a chamber that recognizes that the client is at the heart of their firm should consider using it.

Hubspot CRM also allows you to send educational content to your leads to keep them engaged; the more that they keep coming back for more educational content, the more they become convinced that your service is the solution to the problem they’re currently facing, making them more willing to convert into clients.

5. Zendesk Sell–(Best for customer service)

Zendesk Sell is a popular all-in-one customer service platform that serves over 165,000 Law Firms. With Zendesk, Law Firms can deliver superior customer service without extra effort. All they need to delight their client is already available on Zendesk.

These robust legal practice tools helps track client data and manage the entire legal practice cycle, from lead capturing to pipeline management. It has excellent customer support ability. Any attorney who wants free 24/7 access to customer support should consider Zendesk Sell software. You submit your questions and details through their contact page, and a representative will reply immediately.

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