Premium Chiffon Dress Brand of Pakistan 

The chiffon is a lightweight fabric made of silk threads. The beauty of the fabric lies in its sheerness and flow of the fabric which accentuates femininity. The use of chiffon is centuries old, it was the preferred fabric of noble women. It is an expensive fabric that is used for formal dresses in Pakistan. Pure chiffon can be dyed in every color. Chiffon dresses look very elegant and are suitable for all age groups. Pakistan is one of the major importers of chiffon. Due to the popularity of the fabric, festive collections of designers are largely based on chiffons and silks. 

Popular Chiffon Dress Brands in Pakistan 

Following is a list of brands that produce quality chiffon dresses. 


Maria B. is known for its quality fabric and contemporary designs. Maria B. has multiple product lines ranging from stitched collections, unstitched collections, western wear, accessories, and kid’s wear. The design philosophy of Maria B is fun and quirky. It is easy to tell a Maria B dress apart from others. Maria B uses high-quality chiffon for formal dresses. These are available in stitched and unstitched forms. Maria B chiffon dresses and made in beautiful colors with versatile embroidery and just the right amount of embellishment. The color palette is mostly pastel and consists of shaded pieces that instantly lift up the look of the outfit. 

Maria B. also uses chiffon in festive kids’ wear because of the softness of the fabric and its delicacy that compliments the children. 

The price range of chiffon fabrics is very reasonable given the quality of the fabric and design, thus making it a popular choice among women for festive wear. 


Mushq is a relatively new brand that has gained immense popularity within a short period. The perfect mix of Eastern and contemporary cuts made on high-quality chiffon fabric with unique designs has contributed to a strong brand following. Mushq launches several part wear lines in a year. Each of these lines is different from the others. The inspiration, embroidery patterns, and choice of embellishment of each collection vary according to the essence of the line.  

The recent collection of black solids was sold out within hours of its launch. The collection was made on pure chiffon and consisted of all-black outfits without any color variation. The use of embellishments and embroideries was also restricted to black color. However, mixing and patching different fabrics with chiffon to accentuate necklines and decorate sleeves looked very graceful while maintaining the simplistic approach of solids. 

The price point of Mushq is relatively low compared to its competitors. The commitment of the brand to provide affordable quality products is another reason for the rapid success of the brand. 

Hussain Rehar 

Husain Rehar is one of the few designers who have made a mark in the fashion industry within a short span of time. Hussain Rehar is known for the unique color aesthetic and immaculate fusion of Eastern attire with Western influence. Chiffon color-blocking pieces are the signature of the design house. Chunky color blocking in bright colors are statement-making pieces. 

The use of chiffon is not restricted to color-blocking pieces but it is a primary choice of fabric for couture wear along with silks. The chiffon fabric falls well on the body and enhances femininity, while the sheerness of the fabric makes it a perfect choice for sultry cuts with intricate embroideries. However, silk fabrics are more suitable for dresses with heavy embellishments. 

Hussain Rehar is an expensive brand, but like many other prestigious brands, Hussain Rehar has launched its line of unstitched formal wear with a reasonable price point to cater to a wider audience. 


Crimson is known for its beautiful designs and vibrant colors. It launches several collections that consist of unstitched chiffon and lawn dresses. Chiffon collections are launched near the festive occasions of Eid and the wedding season. However, the lawn collection is launched at the beginning of summer. 

Crimson has a simplistic design philosophy, and most of its festive and lawn collections are based on embroideries and the use of laces. They have little to no embellishment. The cuts are traditional and mostly paired with dupattas. The beauty of the clothes lies in the color schemes and the simplicity of the designs.  

The festive chiffon collection of crimson is slightly more expensive than its competitors, however, the unstitched lawn collection is reasonably priced and is a favorite among the fashion-conscious women of Pakistan. 

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