Top 9 Trendy Nail Stickers To Try In 2023

How many of you are planning for affordable and hassle-free manicures at home? Pre-designed nail stickers can save you time and instantly give you beautiful hand designs. Different nail stickers are available in the market, which can be easily applied with the right tips. This blog will explore the different types of nail stickers you should try in 2023. 

What Are Nail Stickers?

If you want to make nail art the simplest and easiest, nail stickers can save you time. They are real nail polish strips with adhesive backing which you can apply directly to the nail. It comes in different sizes that cover the whole nail, or go for the tiny stickers to apply over nail polish. 

How to Apply Nail Stickers? 

Nail stickers are easy to apply and come with an adhesive backing. If you are working with a full nail sticker, you should read the instructions. Match the nail stickers to the nail bed. Use a buffer on the nail to remove the excess sticker. Apply this sticker over the top coat to make it last longer. 

Trendy Nail stickers to try in 2023

Plain stickers with adhesive backing

Plain stickers are available in various designs, from flowers to cartoons. These stickers are budget friendly and whenever you are in a rush and don’t want to go somewhere for a manicure, try out these nail stickers. You might have tried out acrylic nails with diamonds, which look beautiful on the hands.  

Fimo Nail Stickers

These types of stickers are made up of polymer clay with different designs. These are available in the form of sticks or pre-cut shapes. You can stick these stickers with nail glue. 

Lace Nail Stickers

Lace nail art stickers come in stripes and you need to cut the lace sticker as required. Stick it on your nails; they come in many designs and colors. If you want to be more creative, use different types of lace patterns to create this stunning look. 

3D nail stickers

Nowadays, 3D nails are quite popular. They can be applied by the peel-and-stick method. These stickers come in many designs and are easy to use. It’s up to you whatever type of stickers you want to apply. 

Metal Nail art Stickers

These stickers are made up of metal and come in many designs. You can use these types of stickers for manicures whenever you want. Nails can easily get stuck with nail glue and are known as metal decals. These are so user-friendly and aesthetically beautiful. 

Base Coat Nail Art

Customize your Mani with name, initials, or zodiac signs. You can use these high-end designer nail stickers from the base coat. Apply a clear polish first to use an adhesive. Seal the nail with a top coat layer. 

Daisy Nail Decals

Floral designs are perfect for spring, or anytime you want the best manicure. These trendy nail stickers include hundreds of delicate daisies, dandelions and sunflowers. Get the sheets full of flowers of every size and petal count. 

French Tip Stickers

French tips are stickers and easily removed after painting the tip. These stickers cover the nail tips and they are used to create beautiful nail art patterns. They come in different designs. These stickers are applied using the peel-and-stick method and cover the tips of the nail. Adjust their size by filling in the excess. 

Set of Graffiti Inspired Stickers

Graffiti-inspired stickers’ looks wonderful on nails, and you can create a themed Mani or mix and match for several designs to give a unique touch. These stickers will stay fully secured with 2-3 coats of top polish. They also come off easily with a good polish remover. You can use this with regular polish, not gel. 

Final Thoughts

These different nail sticker types are more hassle-free and affordable options. You can do your manicure at home with varying stickers of the nail. Stickers are self-adhesive and convenient for everyone who doesn’t want to go anywhere for a DIY manicure. These simple stickers with adhesive backing are best to create the look of your choice.

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